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Finally finished some things and starting other things. Getting ready for SacAnime.

Sorry for being kinda absent lately. Life is sucky :/

Anyways, here’s a preview of some of the prints/bookmarks/things I’ll be selling at my table, along w commissions and whatnot. The Loki bookmarks can either be bought seperately or as a set and the Inception ones come w the character’s totem.

Btw, I’m obscenely proud of how the little Arthur came out. Obscenely. Proud. (Working on an Eames one right now. Not sure if I’ll be doing Dom, Mal, Saito, etc. I’m laaazzzyyy…)

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I actually set out to draw something light-hearted. This is what I came up with. orz

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I hate painting blond hair. And Chris Evans’ face. It’s problematic. :/

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Yet another wip. I swear I”ll start finishing these things eventually.

Paint Tool Sai. Way too many hours. I’m so tired of looking at this thing right now. Still experimenting and fiddling around with settings. This program will be the death of me. Or Chris Evans’ face will do me in. :/

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Yet another preview of a WIP. And again, it’s Loki (surprise, surprise :/). GDI I can’t get this fandom out of my head.

anyways, a couple hours in Sai. Trying a couple new things. Critique encouraged. He’s supposed to be squinting, but it just looks like I fucked up on his eyes. (Which I kinda did, but eh. I’ll work on that more later. I’m sick of looking at this.)

Slowly figuring out how Hiddles’ face works, though. So yay?

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Further progress. Still tagged as WIP because I’m not sure how else to proceed right now. About 6-7 hours clocked.

Comments and critique still appreciated.

Also, thanks to eclaiv (Tenshi) and puddingcorrupt (Kim) for the art follows~! :D

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WIP of one of the pieces I’m working on. Pretty basic. Mainly just experimenting with a couple different things. About 4-5 hours in SAI so far. used a reference of Hiddleston for likeness (which I don’t think I got very well but meh I tried). Hoping to expand this into a print if all goes well.

Gonna call it a night for now and poke at it some more in the morning. As it is, there’s still a lot that needs to me done (like lighten his skin tone, yikes. And add the secondary green lighting to him, but that can wait orz I’m tired)

Comments, critique, and (constructive) criticism greatly appreciated. Lemme know what y’all think, Y/Y?

reblogging my art blog because i can and i’m shameless like that :P

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A number of things I’ve been working on, in various stages of completion.

Avengers has taken over my liiiiiffffeeee

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I’m convinced I was sleepwalking half of today, I don’t remember a thing :|

I’m having a pantsless Dent Arthur Dent kind of evening.

My jacket is one I stole from my mother’s donate pile. It’s 100% quilted frumpy fleece, and should never ever be worn in public.

Quick doodle. Literally me right now, but with less acne and ugly. One of my favorite shirts and favorite pair of pants. Comfy as fuck.

AX report and life stuff to come later, when I feel less like shit. In the meantime, I command any of my drawing club friends who see this to do this challenge. Now. Before I make you all do it this Wednesday :3

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