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You may remember ages ago I spent a couple of hundred punds buying some prints of Alice X Zhang’s work, shipping them to England and getting them professionally framed.

I forgot to post a picture of them finished so here you go… sorry about their wonkyness, the ones on the left are hung in line with the wall and the other three are hung in line with the floor and I live in an old house so… wonky.

Moriarty, John, Loki, Sherlock, Aragorn

Wow, thanks for posting this awesome picture and I appreciate the support!! And everyone else: the prints shown here plus many other products are currently available with FREE WORDLWIDE SHIPPING at my Society6 shop. (Promo ends this Sunday, March 31st!)

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Japanese-born artist Sayaka Ganz creates sculptures out of discarded plastics found in thrift stores, converting these unwanted materials into graceful imitations of natural beauty. For her Running series, Ganz created life-like horses in mid-gallop. “Japanese Shinto beliefs are such that all objects and organisms have spirits, and I was taught in kindergarten that objects that are discarded before their time weep at night inside the trash bin. This became a vivid image in my mind,” Ganz explained her interest in recycled materials. She collects multitudes of plastic objects, organizing them in dozens of color-sorted bins in her basement. She then decides what to make when she has enough of one color, referencing photographs of her chosen species to convey its distinct movements and characteristics. Take a look at some photos of her work below as well as a video of her process, images courtesy of Sayaka Ganz.

MORE: http://hifructose.com/2013/02/19/sayaka-ganz-graceful-sculptures-made-of-recycled-plastics/

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Alladdin’ s Journey  …-..This one i gave up to draw several months ago,i forget what reason, but i think even i am not satisfied with the structure of the picture.I must have to finish it to respect to see it as  creation.  Then this morning i took up the fountain pen again. even i think it is mess and lack of detail but at first I really want to do well. i want to do a conclusion to the part made me feel touch

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A quick HBD drawing for Shizu-chan <3~

Wanted to post this earlier today, but things were crazy. It’s technically unfinished, because I forgot to add the highlights before scanning (which proved to be an endevour in and of itself :/) so, I’ll probably update this later. For now, I really just want to lie down. orz so tired.

(Also, some obligatory self-pimping: cross-posted to my deviantart.)

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Doodle-sketch-wip-thing :P

Semi-Inspired by a fic I’ve been stalking religiously. A lot of my irl friends will attest to the fangirly fits I’m prone to when I see there’s been an update.

Granted, it’s less Illustrative and more “loosely inspired by”, but it’s an image I need to get out of my head.

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What I do instead of sleeping :/ Gonna call it quits for now and try and lie down; I need to be up in a couple hours.

Another WIP. Took a “break” from the previous Izaya picture (which I get the sneaking suspicion will forever be a wip, because I’m getting sick of the composition, so I’m likely going to redraw it :/) to work on this. A gift for my Tokiya, who’s been kinda sick lately, and I feel like part of that is my fault. So here’s Otoya trying to make it better :/

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An assortment of things I’ve been doodling. It’s been so long since I picked up a pencil, I think I forgot how to use one orz

Also, to anyone who cares (read: no one) I’m not going to be very active on tumblr/facebook much these next coming weeks. I’ll stop by the former (and throw some stuff on queue), but I’ve been ignoring the latter almost completely in the name of getting things done before my next con.

So, sorry to anyone I’ve inadvertently blown off. I don’t mean to. As usual, the most reliable ways to reach me are through email/text.

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What I do instead of sleeping. WIP for a secret santa art exchange. Probably not my wisest idea to try a new coloring style when working on a deadline (that is rapidly approaching :/), but eh. Hopefully it’ll turn out. I’m not too fond of it for right now, but what can you do? I might actually try and redo this sometime in the new year. Who knows. My biggest issue right now is that after drawing nothing but guys making out for so long, my hand doesn’t remember how to draw ladies. Even worse, mini-ladies. It’s all big eyes and weird proportions when I just want to draw dicks. DICKS EVERYWHERE. …Okay, so maybe not like that XD (Can you tell I’m running on empty?) Edit: And tumbr, what’s with eating the later part of my post? Tsk tsk That won’t do.

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“The Kindly Ones”

Old art is old.