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Sweet Bunnies =^ω^= (via)

Life is hard. Here’s some fluffy buns.

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can we just take a moment to realize that not only did it paint an elephant it painted it to give the illusion of depth

I love elephants more than anything

#1: read this

#2: stop reblogging this 


we need to keep reblogging so people see your comment and know

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I was reading some comments from the Blurred Lines Feminist Parody when I found Eren protecting us not just from titans but also from assholes who thinks women should stay inside the kitchen

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these are all true

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my personal style is called “i don’t have the money for my preferred aesthetic”

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I got your backs, guys.

1. Oreo Cookie Waffles

2. (I couldn’t track down the actual recipe for the second picture, so I’m just going to assume it’s Chocolate Coffee.)

3. Again, I couldn’t track this one down, but I think it’s an ice cream cake. Here’s ten different recipes for ice cream cakes in exchange for not finding that particular one.

4. The person who originally posted this image didn’t put a source either, so I’m just going to give you a recipe for a cake that looks even better. Hell, I’ll throw in another just to make it even.

5. Double Chocolate Cookie Bars. 

6. This cake is supposedly from a restaurant or high-end bakery, but I wasn’t able to find the source or recipe for it. Sorry!

7. I know what these are! York Peppermint Patty Brownies!

8. yeah i’m pretty sure this is just a disassembled oreo smore thing it’s sort of self-explanatory

9. *shifty eyes* I couldn’t find this one either but here make this instead

10. My only guess for these is homemade ding dongs.

Salud, motherfuckers.

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I miss when they ATTACKED TITANS

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