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Report: Honeybee Death Rate Is Currently Too High for Survival of the Species




A government report released last week surprisingly admits that the honeybee species are dying off at a rate too high to ‘guarantee their long term survival’.

It has been well proven that the primary factor leading to this extinction is the presence of neonicotinoid poisons, of course present in insecticides sold by and/or used by corporations such as Monsanto, Syngenta, Bayer, Dupont and their products. A recent study from Harvard, published on March 27th of this year, has definitively confirmed what scientists outside the US have been saying for years: neonicotinoids are the [emphasis added] cause of colony collapse disorder(CCD). The study showed that 50% of colonies populated by bees who had been in contact with these pesticides collapsed, compared to only 1 in 6 who were not in contact with neonicotinoids.

The European Union understands that the death of honeybees is an unprecedented death for human beings and mother earth, as they have banned neonicotinoid poisons.

However, American powers refuse to believe the problem is neonicotinoid insecticides and they continue to be in use here.

These corporations with armies of lobbyists and politicians bought and paid for, like  Monsanto, are playing dumb and suggesting that ‘mites’ are the cause for the death rate of honeybees, a problem so bad that it means their extinction if they continue on this path. This is dangerous anti-science rhetoric, borderline scientific denialism from the American agro-chemical establishment. 

Well, did mites cause the honeybees to go extinct in the approximate 14 million years they survived here before humans invented neonicotinoid chemicals? Of course not. It seems only things as foreign to Earth as neonicotinoids can cause such a drastic loss of crucial life on our planet and the solution is obvious; inform people that if we keep allowing the honeybees to die at this rate, we will be literally without almost all of the fruits we enjoy. Oh and stop using neonicotinoids.

If we don’t seriously stop this soon, then a corporation like Monsanto would likely take advantage of the lack of bees to pollinate and create fruit, and attempt to monopolize the products of nature because the fruits will then require individual, manual pollination or more complex measures. While this may seem far fetched, in the absence of honeybees and acknowledging that manual pollination is highly labor intensive, micro pollinator drones may be in our future if something is not done to save the bees.

If you are reading this, there is a good chance absolutely none of this information is new. If the bees are not nursed back to health as a species, say goodbye to these things- (unless you want genetically modified, manually pollinated products of Monsanto in the wake of the extinction of the honeybee): Apples Mangos Rambutan Kiwi Fruit Plums Peaches Nectarines Guava Rose Hips Pomegranites Pears Black and Red Currants Alfalfa Okra Strawberries Onions Cashews Cactus Prickly Pear Apricots Allspice Avocados Passion Fruit Lima Beans Kidney Beans Adzuki Beans Green Beans Orchid Plants Custard Apples Cherries Celery Coffee Walnut Cotton Lychee Flax Acerola – used in Vitamin C supplements Macadamia Nuts Sunflower Oil Goa beans Lemons Buckwheat Figs Fennel Limes Quince Carrots Persimmons Palm Oil Loquat Durian Cucumber Hazelnut Cantaloupe Tangelos Coriander Caraway Chestnut Watermelon Star Apples Coconut Tangerines Boysenberries Starfruit Brazil Nuts  Beets Mustard Seed Rapeseed Broccoli Cauliflower Cabbage Brussels Sprouts Bok Choy (Chinese Cabbage) Turnips Congo Beans Sword beans Chili peppers, red peppers, bell peppers, green peppers Papaya Safflower Sesame Eggplant Raspberries Elderberries Blackberries Clover Tamarind Cocoa Black Eyed Peas Vanilla Cranberries Tomatoes Grapes

can’t say no one predicted this

down with monsanto

Our food system is extremely dependent on honey bees, if they die out, it’s going to start to collapse. Smash Big Agro before it’s too late.


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You are born. You live. You die. And because nobody’s perfect, your soul is born again — not in another location or sphere, and not in any metaphorical sense, but right here on earth.”

Theory: Kaworu lives a butterfly effect reincarnation loop. He reincarnates with or without the memories of past lives with the objective of meeting Shinji Ikari again, and, possibly, with the goal of making him happy. Every reincarnation lives in alternative universes of the same Evangelion setting (the original one, the one where the 3rd impact happened, the gakuen datenroku one, the one where he stops the 3rd impact, etc), and every time, he tries different possibilities to change Shinji’s future, he is, by nature, born to meet him. The latest ‘alive’ reincarnation is the one in 2.22 You cannot Advance. 

I got a dozen of requests to expand on Kaworu’s butterfly effect theory (as I have chosen to call it, beg your pardon); this is a theory that is by no means unknown to the fandom, it is quite popular, as a prove we have that half of the fanfiction on the Kaworu/Shinji ship is based on this idea and many take it as canon. 

It is also not a crazy fandom idea either, it is not without facts whether those are proved false or true in the future, they are, in the meantime, by all means, there. 

There’s little chance that a line that has been quoted for years and generations from a character of what is, arguably, the most popular anime of all time, was misquoted on the remake. As many of you recall, Kaworu says the popular, I was probably born to meet you, while on the remake, the word ‘probably’ was replaced by ‘really’, as if it were a continuation of his original thought. While this may be simple writing, I very much doubt it is for the reasons I have mentioned, besides, it gives the same meaning that other lines by Kaworu give.

"This time I will definitely make you happy", is another one of those lines. The Kaworu of 3.33 explains to Shinji that he triggered the 3rd Impact, but at the end of 2.22, as you know, Kaworu stops it with what seems a Lance of Longinus; which doesn’t seem to fit with what happens in 3.33, which is, what seems, an alternative universe of the story, the alternative universe where Shinji indeed triggered the impact and they live in a super post apocalyptic World.

This would mean that 3.33 was simple a glimpse at what could have happened (the name, fittingly, You Cannot Redo). While the events of 2.22 are the chronically latest timeline.

Someone mentioned that at the end of 2.22 Kaworu seemed angry for the betrayal by NERV at 3.33.

Of course the most clear example is at 3.33, “I promise we will see each other again”, while at the end of 2.22 (which is, as we have established, the latest exposure chronologically) he continues mentioning that the promised time has come and that this time, he will make definitely make Shinji happy.

Objectively and personally, I do believe that this is the fandom theory that I have encountered in any fandom, to make more sense and to be almost canonically, if only because the final confirmation is missing; I would be surprised if it is untrue, but for now, it fits the character and the universe perfectly. 

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my birthday was in june and i’m just now remember to update  my info on here i’m trash

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Some great person once said, "The world is a construction of the mind."
Some great person once said, "The world is a symbol."
A detestable past is the product of your imagination.
That reality never existed.
Isn't that good enough?
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bollywood mix to celebrate the feeling of love!
(listen here)

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bless you if you can admit your favorite character has flaws.

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Fireman Makoto:).

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"Milk" | Sea Oleena

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